Oranges & lemons : John Playford's English dancing master (1651) (CD)

Oranges & lemons : John Playford's English dancing master


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Oranges & Lemons: John Playford s English Dancing Master, 1651 by The Playford

The Playfords are dedicated to creating authentic and innovative interpretations of Renaissance and early Baroque dance music. Using historical instruments, they perform early music in new arrangements that start with spontaneous improvisation and reach completed form after a process of cooperative work with dance experts and after a great deal of live performance.

Track Listing:

  1. Bellamira
  2. Newcastle
  3. Hearts Ease
  4. Scotch
  5. Cap Oranges and Lemons
  6. Jenny Pluck Pears
  7. An Italian Rant
  8. Epping Forest
  9. Lilli Burlero
  10. The Star of the County Down
  11. Blacke Almaine
  12. I Care Not for These Ladies
  13. The Indian Queen
  14. Upon a Summer's Day
  15. Jamaica Gentle Shepherds: An Elegy On the Death of Mr. John Playford