Jonathan Jensen - Swimming Down the Stars: A Selection of Tunes (Music Book)

Swimming Down the Stars: A Selection of Tunes Composed by Jonathan Jensen

Music Book

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16 Tunes by the inspired pianist Jonathan Jensen whose styles range from English country and contra to ragtime and jazz.

Jon is a composer of brilliant dance tunes and waltzes, a frequent performer at dance events and a bassist with the Baltimore Symphony. When not playing piano at camp he is often filling in on whistle, recorder, ocarina or mandolin and offering his original songs, both silly and serious. This collection contains 16 tunes perfect for dancing.

Tunes :

New Hampshire Nocturne - Woodlands Walk - The Witch Under the Stairs - Swimming Down the Stars - Aramabad Rag - Around the Bend - After the Storm - Trans-Atlantic Schottische - Hunan Hornpipe - Hambo from Hamilton - Catching some Z’s - Paprika - Tears for Paris - El Calor del Invierno - Peter and Peggy - Passing Fancy

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