Les Barclay and Ian Jones - Community Dances Manual (Dance book)

Les Barclay and Ian Jones - Community Dances Manual


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Revised edition

Seven volumes bound into one book. Instructions and music for 130 English and American traditional tunes with guitar chords. A classic collection. Edited by Les Barclay and Ian Jones. An extensive revision of the well-loved original series which began in 1947. More than 130 English and American dances, with dance notation and music on facing pages for ease of use. An extensive glossary assists anyone not familiar with the terms used. All but one of the dances from the original editions, chosen for their simplicity and suitability for inexperienced dancers have been retained in this new work although a few tunes have been changed.

2005, 118 pgs.

Featured dances in the manual:

1.All the Way to Galway 2.American Spanish Waltz 3.American Waltz Country Dance 4.Arkansas Traveller 5.Armstrong’s Waltz 6.Barbary Bell 7.Barry’s Best 8.Beaux of Albany 9.Belfast Duck 10.Belgian Waltz 11.Big Set - Allemande 12.Big Set Mixer 13.Black Jack 14.Blaydon Races Mixer 15.Bonnets So Blue 16.Bonny Breast Knot (Devon) 17.Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex) 18.Boys of Oakhill 19.Bridge of Athlone 20.Bucksaw Reel 21.Butterfly Hornpipe 22.Camp Town Hornpipe 23.Cheviot Rant 24.Chorus Jig 25.Circassian Circle 26.Circle Waltz 27.College Hornpipe 28.Corn Rigs 29.Cottagers 30.Cumberland Long Eight 31.Cumberland Reel 32.Cumberland Square Eight 33.Danish Double Quadrille 34.Derry Down Derry 35.Devil’s Dream 36.Dorset Four Hand Reel 37.Dorset Ring Dance 38.Dorset Triumph 39.Double Lead Through 40.Drops of Brandy 41.Duck for the Oyster 42.Durham Reel 43.East Meets West 44.Fairfield Fancy 45.Fifth Column Reel 46.Fisher’s Hornpipe 47.Flowers of Edinburgh 48.Follow Your Lovers 49.Foula Reel 50.Galopede 51.Glover’s Reel 52.Goathland Square Eight 53.Good Girl 54.Green Mountain Volunteer 55.Haste to the Wedding 56.Haymaker’s Jig 57.Homosassa Hornpipe 58.Hull’s Victory 59.Hullichan 60.Hunt the Squirrel 61.Irish Trot 62.Jakie’s Hornpipe 63.Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back 64.Jubilee Roundabout 65.Judge’s Jig 66.Kate’s Hornpipe 67.Kielder Schottische 68.La Poule Quadrille 69.La Russe Quadrille 70.Ladies Triumph 71.Lady Bogart’s Reel 72.Lady of the Lake 73.Lady Walpole’s Reel 74.Lucky Seven 75.Margaret’s Waltz 76.Meeting Six 77.Merry Dance 78.Miss Brown’s Reel 79.Morpeth Rant 80.Ninepins 81.Norfolk Long Dance 82.Nottingham Swing 83.Opera Reel 84.Patacake Polka 85.Pin Reel 86.Pins and Needles 87.Piper’s Fancy 88.Ploughboy 89.Portland Fancy 90.Princess Royal 91.Progressive Six Reel 92.Quaker’s Wife 93.Queen Victoria Country Dance 94.Rifleman 95.Road to California 96.Roxburgh Castle 97.Royal Albert 98.Russian Ballet 99.Sackett’s Harbour 100.Sheep Hill 101.Sicilian Circles 102.Silly Threesome 103.Six Reel 104.Soldier’s Joy (Somerset) 105.Soldier’s Joy (Northumberland) 106.Spanish Waltz 107.Spanking Jack 108.Speed the Plough 109.St Patrick’s Day in the Morning 110.Steam Boat 111.Stoke Golding Country Dance 112.Streets of Laredo 113.Swedish, The 114.Tempest (Wilts) 115.Tempest (Vermont) 116.Texas Progressive Threesome 117.Thady You Gander 118.Third Figure Jig 119.Three Hand Star 120.Three Meet 121.Three Sea Captains 122.Threesome Sicilian Circles 123.Timber Salvage Reel 124.Tom Pate 125.Triple Promenade 126.Triumph 127.Twelve Reel 128.Up the Sides and Down the Middle 129.Virginia Reel 130.Walpole Cottage 131.Waltz Cotillon 132.Waltz Country Dance 133.Washington Quick Step 134.Waves of Tory 135.Wiltshire Six Hand Reel 136.Winster Galop 137.Yorkshire Square Eight

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