Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio - Dances for Volume 1 -Favorites of the Boston Centre (Book)

Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio - Favorites of the Boston Centre


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Dance instructions for 13 favorite dances of the Boston Centre dance community and found on Volume 1 of the CDS Boston Centre's English Country Dance Collection with Bare Necessities CDs. This collection features both classics from 1698-1766 and modern dances from the second half of the 20th century. Dances are: Bury Fair, Easter Morn, The Female Saylor, Hudson Barn, The Introduction, Jack's Maggot, John Tallis's Canon, Long Live London, The Old Mill, Quite Carr-ied Away, Round about our Coal Fire, Sally in our Alley, and Sun Assembly. With an index to Vol. 1-10, alphabetically by name of the dance.

2006 - 38pgs.


1. Jack's Maggot - 2. Sun Assembly - 3. The Old Mill - 4. The Female Saylor - 5. John Tallis' Canon - 6. Sally in Our Alley - 7.Long Live London - 8. Round About Our Coal Fire - 9. The Introduction - 10. Hudson Barn - 11. Bury Fair - 12. Quite Carr-ied Away - 13. Easter Morn

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