Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio - At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6 (Book)

Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio - At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6


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The Ball is the highlight of the year for an English dance community. It is an opportunity to put together a grand dance party, to dress elegantly, enjoy favorite dances, and do your best dancing to the finest music available. Volume 6 of the CDS-Boston Centre series At the Ball commemorates the over 20 years which Bare Necessities has played for the Philadelphia Ball. The booklet is made up of a collection of 15 older, classic English country dances, all suitable for ball programs. Nine are from different editions of Playfords The Dancing Master and all of the dances are longways. Thirteen dances are duple minors (with one of them a double progression and one other improper). The remaining two dances are triple minors. A number of the dances will be easily recognized by those who frequent balls, as they are popular with dance communities across the country and make it onto programs regularly. All of the dances will fit into a ball program and should still be enjoyable to dancers in any kind of venue.

Included are:

Amarillis, Anna Maria, Bar a Bar, Corellis Maggot, King of Poland, Leather Lake House, Mount Hills, The Mulberry Garden, Never Love Thee More, The Northdown Waltz, Prince Georges Birth-Day, The Pursuit, Red House, Sadlers Wells, and Young Widow

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