Fried de Metz Herman - Ease and Elegance (Dance Book)

Fried de Metz Herman - Ease and Elegance

Dance book

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Ease and Elegance ... and other interesting Country Dances ... Old & New ... with music... in a  variety of styles and formations.

Fried de Metz Herman’s ground-breaking sixth book of dances, first published in 1995, is now available again in a limited reprinting.

Containing 'Green Grow Rushes, Oh!', a suite of 12 dance patterns, as well as 8 more dance patterns, 18 historical dances, and 17 new dances.
Among the 47 dances in the collection are such classics as: Cat in the Window, Leah’s Waltz, and The Wood Duck.

The volume also includes Fried’s important essay on English country dancing, with notes for dancers, style points, and notes for teachers and the band.