Allison Thompson - Dances from Barnes Two (Dance Book)

Allison Thompson - Dances from Barnes Two


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In late 2005, Peter Barnes published his long-awaited second volume of English country dance tunes, a volume containing the music for 400 dances by choreographers and historical dance reconstructors. These dances come from many published—and some unpublished—sources.

This volume, Dances From Barnes Two, contains the instructions for 24 of these dances: nineteen modern-composed English country dances, four dances interpreted from historical sources, and one traditional dance. Contributors include seven choreographers from the U.S. and six choreographers from the U.K. Dances From Barnes Two includes…

Beach Spring - Leslie Lassetter Bloomsbury Market - inter. Ken Sheffield Dunham Oaks - Brian Wedgbury Familiar Quotations - Sharon Green Flixton House - Brian Wedgbury Gleaners - Ron Coxall Glendeven - Alisa Dodson Heading for Zero - Jenny Beer Josephine - Naomi Alexander Kensington House - inter. Audrey Town Key to the Cellar - Jenny Beer Leslie’s Valentine - Scott Higgs Mignonette - Jan Dale The Minor Spaniard - Jenny Beer Mr. Epstein’s Esplanade - Elizabeth Snowdon Nowton Park - Ron Coxall Pilgarlick - inter. Audrey Town Ram Meadow - Ron Coxall Rowen - Jan Dale The Steel Hoop - inter. Ken Sheffield Turn of the Tide - Ron Coxall Watkins Ale - Scott Higgs Willy Nilly - Robin Hayden The Woebley Dance - Traditional

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