Anne Weslh - Hoedown Saturday Night

Anne Weslh - Hoedown Saturday Night

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  • EAN: B 144
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Sixteen Dances including Redwing Square, Adventure at Margate, Swanee Square, Arkansaw Traveller and 12 other Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Polkas.

1986 - p.16


Bonnie Prince Charlie, Owestry Square, Stevies Hop, Polka Pousette, La Bastringue, Up the sides and down the middle, An Adventure at Margate, Jubilee Rag, Arkansaw Traveller, Lovers Knot, Redwing, Strip the Willow Square, Longways Oxo, Thread the Needle Square, Swanee, The Irish Swing.