Wild Thyme - Dutch Crossing (CD)

Wild Thyme - Dutch Crossing


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  • EAN: NVS 3
€ 18,50 (VAT incl.)

This CD offers tunes for 15 contemporary country dances, written by various choreographers, all with Dutch connections.

Choreographers: Cor Hogendijk, Ernst van Brakel, Wil van den Berg, John Lagden, Han Kindt, Ægle Hoekstra, Antony Heywood, Philippe Callens, Jaap Krug, Simone Verheyen & Colin Hume. All dance instructions are in the CD booklet. 


  1. Pat's Tradition, Cor Hogendijk
  2. Lost and Found, Ernst van Brakel
  3. Harke Planeet, Cor Hogendijk
  4. The Two Cousins, Wil van den Berg
  5. Dutch Crossing, Ernst van Brakel
  6. Capers at Zeist, John Lagden and Lena Rees
  7. Trip to the Mills (Molengang), Han Kindt
  8. Liesbeth's Double Five, Cor Hogendijk
  9. Hemel Hempstead Roundabout, Ægle Hoekstra
  10. Enrichez Vous, Antony Heywood
  11. A Trip to Amsterdam, Philippe Callens
  12. Memories, Jaap Krug
  13. Fine Dame, Simone Verheyen
  14. Early one Morning, Ernst van Brakel
  15. Dunant House Waltz, Colin Hume

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