Virginia Early Musick - Handel English Country Dances (CD)


  • N°: 182529632655
  • EAN: CD 1458
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Georg Friedrich Handel's music, selected for English country dances. Played on traverso and English flutes, viola de gamba, baroque violin and spinet harpsichord. Dance directions interpreted by John Millar of the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers. Virginia Early Musick. 2000


  1. Barbarini's Tabourine
  2. Burlington house
  3. Elverton Grove
  4. The Faithful Shepherd
  5. The Fireworks
  6. Handel's Hornpipe
  7. Handel's March Country Dance
  8. The Happy Pair
  9. Lord Anson Forever
  10. The New Princess Royal
  11. The Prince
  12. Prince Frederick's Hornpipe
  13. Prince William
  14. The Rakes of Rochester
  15. La Rohanne Cotillon
  16. Sun Assemly