The Gloworms - Dance to your Daddy

The Gloworms, Dan and Caroline Hollingshurst Dual speed folk music for special needs activities

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  • EAN: EDCD 09
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  1. Dance To Your Daddy (16-bar Reel)
  2. Double Lead Through (32-bar Reel)
  3. Jamaica (16-bar Playford tune)
  4. Galopede (32-bar Reel)
  5. The Keel Row (16-bar Schottische)
  6. Lilli Burlero (32-bar Jig)
  7. Duke of Kent (32-bar Waltz)
  8. This Old Man (8-bar Reel)
  9. Banbury Bill (32-bar Morris tune)
  10. Jack’s Maggot (32-bar Reel)
  11. Dusty Miller (16-bar)
  12. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be? (song)