The Dancehall Players - Out Of The Silence, Vol. 2


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  • EAN: DHP 007
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The Dancehall Players:

  • Gregory Brown: flute, guitar, mandolin
  • Susan Larkin: violin, recorders, vocals
  • Ann Schau: piano, vocals
  • Barrie Webster: cello, banjo
  • Lael Whitehead: recorders, melodion, percussion, vocals, guitar
  • Adam Iredale-Gray, violin

    Over the several years of the pandemic, they have been reminded once again of the importance of our connections - the sharing of music and dance and fellowship. And they have discovered that sometimes these hard times can actually stimulate our creativity, help us to go deeper, to widen our circle of love and appreciation. This led to the second volume in our pandemic original music writing project Out Of The Silence started in March 2020. Some of these tunes are serene, some contemplative, some joyful in anticipation of lifted restrictions, and some provide an escape. All are designed for listening, dancing, enjoying, and sharing!


    1.  Gum Wrappers Drifting in the Wind 02:34
    2. Budding Fig Tree 03:39
    3. Waltz for Jen 04:48
    4. Noonday Serenade 02:55
    5. Waiting For Spring 04:35
    6. Autumn Prayer 04:57
    7. Sweet Lily 04:00
    8. Snowdrops 04:18
    9. Smoky Skies 04:03
    10. Wakin' Up With The Birds 04:22
    11. The Sawyer's Delight 04:02
    12. I Must Be Away 04:37
    13. Lotus Land Rambles 04:28
    14. Farewell Jig 04:28
    15. Quiet Days 06:56 16. The Day Will Come 05:47 17. Moss Rocks Lullaby / Prayer For Gaia

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