The Broadside Band - English Country Dances (CD)

The Broadside Band - English Country Dances


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The Broadside Band recreate the excitement and colour of the country dance of yesteryear with spirited performances of these quintessentially English tunes gleaned from the 17th century publications of John Playford. Suitable for listening or dancing Playford style.


  1. Cuckolds all a row
  2. Shepheards Holyday or Labour in Vaine
  3. Newcastle
  4. The Beggar Boy
  5. Picking of sticks
  6. Faine I would if I could or Parthenia
  7. Gathering Peascods
  8. The Night-Peece or The shaking of the Sheets
  9. Chelsey Reach or Buckingham-House
  10. Jameko
  11. Epping Forest
  12. Well-Hall
  13. The Fits come on me now or The Bishop of Chester's Jigg
  14. Mad Robin
  15. Red-House
  16. Mr. Beveridge's Magot
  17. The Geud Man of Ballangigh, To a New Scotch Jigg
  18. Childgrove
  19. Woolly and Georgey
  20. Portsmouth
  21. White-Hall Minuett
  22. Bloomsberry Market

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