The Assembly Players  - Long Live London

The Assembly Players - Long Live London

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  • EAN: APCD  0201
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Tunes and Dances by Pat Shaw


  1. Long live London (Sic. circle) 7x
  2. Set of Jigs (for 32 bar Jigs (x7)- 4x32)
  3. K & E (Double Becket Contra,7x)
  4. Thora's Surprise(5 Co set, 5x)
  5. Heidenröslein (Square set, 4x)
  6. Glady's Galop
  7. Lord Thomas of Winchbury (3 Co set, 3x)
  8. Camphouse Reel (Tri. min., 7x)
  9. Downland 557(for Picking up Stitches)(4 Co set, 4x48)
  10. Set of Waltzes (St Bernard's Waltz, 4x48)
  11. Princess Royal (3 Co set, 3x)
  12. Whirligigs last Bow (Tri. min., 7x)
  13. My Boy Willey (3 Co set, 3x)
  14. Sawdl Y Fuwch (3 Co set, 3x)
  15. Waltz for Christian von Arnim (Listening set, 4x32)
  16. Berkshire Tragedy, The (Du. min., 7x)
  17. Mr Shaw's Canon (3 Co set, 3x)
  18. Winsor Knot, The (3 Co set, 3x)
  19. Nibs goes West Double Sic. circle (7x)
  20. Nan's Waltz (Sic. circle, 7x)