Sue Stapledon - Not Quite Finished (2 CD)

Sue Stapledon - Not Quite Finished

Double CD

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  • EAN: ST 09
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Sue Stapledon’s Double CD of Pat Shaw tunes, completed posthumously, following her sad passing on 27th March 2019, is now available!

Played on English concertina, fiddle & keyboard

She had nearly completed a new double CD of tunes by Pat Shaw – but NOT QUITE. Her family is endeavouring to honour her memory by finishing its production. It will become the final chapter of West Kirby Band’s NOT QUITE series and will be titled ‘NOT QUITE FINISHED’ A SELECTION OF TUNES BY PAT SHAW


Played on Engli4h concenina, fzddle & keyboard

CD 1

  1. The Dancing Dutch
  2. Miss Avril's Delight
  3. Miss Bedlington's Fancy
  4. Miss de Jersey' s Memorial
  5. Mr Ganiford' s Maggot
  6. Another Nancy's Fancy
  7. Morecambe Bay
  8. Errol on the Green
  9. The Rose of Tankerton
  10. Margaret's Waltz
  11. Cladys's Galop
  12. Miss Fennessy Smiles
  13. Heswall &West Kirby Jubilee
  14. Sybil's au Revoir

    CD 2

  1. John Taais' s Canon
  2. Chigwell Row
  3. The Red House of Cardiff
  4. Slof Galliard
  5. Long Live London
  6. Nan's Waltz
  7. A Trip to Orpington
  8. Donnie's Farewell to London
  9. Silver for the Matthews
  10. The Real Princess
  11. The Amazed Geneticist
  12. Long Pond
  13. The Pride of Newcastle
  14. The Phoenix Rejuvenated 
  15. The Phoenix Rejuvenated