Roguery - Impropriety VI: A New Leaf (CD)

Roguery - Impropriety VI: A New Leaf


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  • EAN: IMP 06
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A New Leaf features music to all 18 dances in Impropriety VI by Brooke Friendly and Chris Sacket, played by Roguery (Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen, and Jim Oakden) and shows off their gorgeous improvisatory interplay across a variety of styles and moods. Perfect for listening or dancing to!


  1.  A New Leaf (Tune: Mr. Millstone's Defenestration)
  2. There and Back Again (Tune: The Boar Hunters)
  3. Act with Agility (Tune: Play with Alacrity)
  4. Gray Jay
  5. Touch Wood
  6. Patch the Pipes (Tune Muineira de Pedrouso #3)
  7. Chintimini's Shadow
  8. Dance in the Hallways (Tune: The Plane Tree)
  9. Cacao (Tune: Aptos)
  10. Pour Me Another
  11. Play On
  12. Mischa's Twirl
  13. Amethyst Brook
  14. Rogue Rapids (Tune: Seamus O'Shanahan's)
  15. Pilot Rock (Tune: Oregon Trail)
  16. A Star Danced (Tune: The Good Fellow)
  17. Willow Creek (Tune: Staying In)
  18. Blackberry Sorbet (Tune: Ahi, Amours)

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