Paul Hutchinson - The Maniacs (CD)


  • N°: 202088563075
  • EAN: TM 001
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The Maniacs is a new and exciting musical quartet with Karen Wimhurst (clarinets), Gill Redmond (cello) and Seona Pritchard (violin and viola). This was an improvised album based on 10 variations of 18th century dance tunes from the book 60 Country Dance Tunes published by Faber. The band will be playing at Chippenham, Frome and Namest (Czech) festivals in 2020.

Paul, as you must know, plays accordion and he’s joined here by Seona Pritchard on violin and viola, cellist Gill Redmond and Paul’s partner in the Pagoda Project, Karen Wimhurst, on clarinets. The music was recorded live in an old Dorset church and would make a fine accompaniment to reading some Thomas Hardy.

Track Listing:

  1. Admiral Mitchel’s Reel
  2. Hopeless Love
  3. Roodulum
  4. Sally Kelly
  5. Jackson’s Dream / Jackson’s Nightmare
  6. General Suwarrow’s Strathspey
  7. The Maniac / The Loon
  8. Lover’s Vows
  9. Whiskers
  10. Barham Downs