Kate Barnes - At Rainbow's End (CD)

Kate Barnes - At Rainbow's End


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Fourteen dance-length recordings of tunes from noted choreographer Fried de Metz Herman's "Choice Morsels" collection, played on piano, flute, pennywhistle guitar and mandolin.
These beautiful melodies range in age from 20 to 300 years old and have a wide range of styles from classical to ragtime. Made to dance to or to enjoy the playing in itself.


  1. Norbury Park
  2. The Housatonic
  3. A Mark of Distinction
  4. New Man Tiger
  5. The Philadelphia Heritage
  6. In the Sere
  7. Choice Morsels
  8. Hills and Dales of Wales
  9. At Rainbow's End
  10. Musidora
  11. Kitchen Triad
  12. Black-Eyed Susan
  13. Kith and Kin
  14. Serendipity