Charlene Thomson - Promise of Spring (CD)

Charlene Thomson - Promise of Spring


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Promise of Spring includes 21 dance length selections of music composed by Charlene Thomson. Loretta Holz, David Smukler, Philippe Callens, Gary Roodman, Terry Glasspool, Mary Devlin, and Carmen Giunta have all devised dances to these tunes. The music has not been recorded previously.


  1. Promise of Spring
  2. Gypsy PInwheel
  3. Endwell
  4. Erie Canal Memories
  5. Ani's Waltz
  6. Lisa's Maggot
  7. Dalmation Shores
  8. Autumn Tapestry
  9. Trip to Fayetteville
  10. Mark of Zorro
  11. McKinley Air
  12. Jane
  13. Bats in the Belfry
  14. Four Square
  15. Croatia
  16. The Fine Companion's Waltz
  17. Anna's Arrival
  18. Syracuse Skies
  19. Traveling with a Skip
  20. The Green Man, and Bring Me Flowers