Boldwood - Feet Don't Fail Me Now (CD)

Boldwood - Feet Don't Fail Me Now


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  • EAN: GM 0206D
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English and Welsh dance tunes. - 'One of the best albums of the year'.

Boldwood is a band forged with a passion: to rescue forgotten English dance anthems from dusty manuscripts and put them back to work on the dancefloor!

The band:

  • BECKY PRICE (piano accordion) played for morris sides as a teenager, studied classical piano with David Earl, played in Finality Jack for 7 years and has recorded CDs with Blowzabella members Dave Shepherd ("Ashburnham" 2000) and Jon Swayne ("Love and a Bottle" 2005.)
  • TIM PERKINS (bouzouki/ guitar) trained as a violinist, plays in and composes for Finality Jack, has produced 5 CDs with "V for Vendetta" writer Alan Moore and has also composed for symphony orchestras.
  • KATE MORAN (fiddle/viola) studied violin at the RNCM in Manchester. She has played in ceilidh bands since she was small and currently divides her time between Boldwood, freelance classical playing and violin teaching.
  • RICHARD HEACOCK (fiddle/ viola) studied composition with Michael Finnissy, composed for the National Theatre, wrote the music for Tony Robinson's "The Worst Jobs in History" (Channel 4) and plays for Ickneild Morris and The Vale Islanders.
  • DANIEL WOLVERSON (fiddle/viola) plays fiddle in Pach Pi, Infamous Grouse and Finnegan's Wok, and hurdy


  1. The Shepherd & Shepherdess
  2. Lord Frog / Greensleeves
  3. The Lovely Nymph
  4. Clark's Hor^npipe
  5. Lucas For Ever / The Princess
  6. Barbara Allen / The Savage Hornpipe
  7. Dafydd Rhy's Dream
  8. Three Sea Captains
  9. Bold Britain
  10. Tunbridge Beauties / Galloway Girth
  11. Leave Land / The Gun / Hud Sir Fon
  12. Hunsdon House