Belshazzar's Feast - John Playford's Secret Ball (CD)

Belshazzar's Feast - John Playford's Secret Ball


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  • EAN: WGS 304
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This album is a celebration of the 350th anniversary of the first edition of John Playford's 'The English Dancing Master'. Most of the TUNES are from this edition and there are also a few 'corkers' from later editions. Belshazzar's Feast's interpretation of the TUNES is imaginative and most refreshing. On this album, Belshazzar's accordion, violin and oboe are joined by bassoon, trumpet and English concertina, providing an amazingly rich, subtle and varied tapestry of musical textures and arrangements. Belshazzar's Feast consists of virtuoso accordion player, Paul Hutchinson, formerly of the Old Pull and Push Band, and the talented classically trained singer and multi-instrumentalist, Paul Sartin.


  1. Maiden Lane
  2. Parson's Farewell
  3. Goddesse
  4. The Garland
  5. Mundesse 
  6. Bobbing Joe
  7. Jenny Pluck Pears
  8. Cuckolds All a Row
  9. The Fit's Come on Me Now
  10. London Gentlewomen
  11. The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
  12. Parson Upon Dorothy
  13. Gathering Peascods 
  14. The Old Mole .

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