Alchemy - Turning of the Hour (CD)

Alchemy - Turning of the Hour


  • N°: 211759637904
  • EAN: ALCH 2020
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Alchemy brings together three dynamic players steeped in traditional English Country Dance and contra dance music: Rachel Bell, Karen Axelrod, and Eric Martin.

Individually, they have performed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a trio, their improvisatory style brings a contemporary and innovative feel to both traditional and newly composed tunes and songs. From driving Scottish Reels to French Mazurkas and everything in between, Alchemy delights the listener with heartfelt performances with a touch of whimsy. Alchemy plays English country dances, contra dances, concerts, and more, and is in high demand for English country dance weekends and other special events.


  1. Hop Ground
  2. Bar a Bar
  3. Mile of Smiles
  4. Beach Spring
  5. Mount Hills
  6. Never Love Thee More
  7. Turning of the Hour
  8. Monterey Plowman/Sweet Cream
  9. Rebecka Ridinghoode
  10. Apricity
  11. We Meet Again/Barham Down
  12. Once I Loved a Maiden Fair