ThingumaJig - Ceilidh Party (CD)


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  • EAN: GM02001D
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This lively set of tunes and songs is taken from ThingumaJig's extensive ceilidh repertoire, and provides a range of different dance rhythms - reel, jig, march, slip-jig, waltz, polka and hornpipe - played on many different instruments - including bagpipes - providing a musical feast for the ears. As a bonus, the insert has instructions for 5 dances to go with the music.

Track Listing

  1. Random Notes 48 bar jigs:- Random Jig/Shoreham Shuffle (Hill / McClelland)
  2. Hornpipes 32 bar hornpipes:- Cronins/The Flowing Tide
  3. Cock-a-Leekie 32 bar jigs:- Cock of the North/Glasgow City Police Pipers (Trad / McLeod)
  4. Wild Mountain Thyme
  5. The Summer Set 32 bar reels:- Dorset Four Hand Reel/Jimmy Allen/Salmon Tails up the Water
  6. Mountain Road 32 bar reels:-Mountain Road/Cooley's/The Siver Spear
  7. ThingumaJigs 32 bar jigs:- Uncle's Jig/The Marlin Jig (Trad / Care)
  8. Tommy Bhetty's Waltz 16 bar waltzes:- Tommy Bhetty's/The Munster Cloak
  9. Highlanders 32 bar 4/4 marches:- 42nd Highlander's/No Awa Tae Bide Awa/Rowan Tree/Scotland the Brave
  10. Over The Hill 32 bar polkas:- Over the Hills and Far Away/Galopede
  11. Rocky II 16 bar slip jigs:- The Rocky Road to Dublin/Another Jig will Do/The Foxhunters Jig
  12. John Ryan's 32 bar polkas:- John Ryans/Johnny Leary's
  13. Whiskey in the Jar
  14. Eightsome 48 bar reels:- The Trow’s/Miss McLeod/The New Rigged Ship/The Soldier's Joy/Fairy Dance/The Trow’s