Belshazzar's Feast ‎– Frost Bites (CD)

Belshazzar's Feast ‎– Frost Bites


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A mainly traditional musical celebration of Christmas. The album contains songs, tunes and carols related to Christmas and originating from England, Europe and America with vocals, melodeon, fiddle, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet and percussion. Belshazzar’s Feast are Paul Sartin (vocals, fiddle, oboe and cor anglais) and Paul Hutchinson (accordion). Both have classical and traditional musical backgrounds which are evident here and they have a fine reputation for entertaining as well as for unusual and skillful arrangements.


  1. Cherry Tree Carol/Yuleogy
  2. King Herod And The Cock/Parson's Farewell
  3. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
  4. Masquerade Royal/As Joseph Was A-Walking
  5. Lonesome Scenes Of Winter
  6. Gerald Road Mazurkas/Sans Day Carol
  7. One Cold Morning In December
  8. Hampshire Mummers' Song

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