Farquhar Double-Sided Practice Drum Pad

Farquhar Double-Sided Practice Pad

  • N°: 181404666899
  • EAN: CAT 89
€ 52,01 (VAT incl.)

The Farquhar FlipPad double-sided practice pad can be placed on a table top surface or on your snare drum or on your lap.

  • Side 1: The 6mm soft white rubber which is used in the standard practice pad has a lot of rebound producing a muted sound. It is ideal for beginners as it gives them the natural flow of the drumstick rebounding off the rubber.
  • Side 2: The harder thinner 3mm  rubber has a very bright resonance and almost similar to playing on a solid table surface. This side is ideal for the more advance player.

The size  is 230 x 230 mm.  The rubber pad size is Ø 17 cm each side.

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