Jim Kilpatrick ABS Bass Drum Carrier

Bass Drum Carrier

  • N°: 61478bedbbbbc2
  • EAN: JK 130
  • Category: Drum Carriers
  • Availability: Out of stock, can be ordered
€ 479,99 (VAT incl.)

The new Jim Kilpatrick ABS bass drum carrier is the flagship model in the range. The revolutionary Articulating Back Support (ABS) is an ergonomic cornerstone of the carrier design, promoting correct spinal posture. The ABS helps to correctly distribute weight and energy ensuring both comfort and safety. Featuring a raft of new design features including fully adjustable standard Magnesium shoulder supports, new single key adjustment with contour hinge, new 'Starship' bracket with sliding height adjustment all made from incredibly strong and equally durable ultra-light materials. The Kilpatrick May abdomen plate is virtually free floating; bearing no weight from the drum allowing complete freedom of movement. Intelligent weight distribution transfers the weight of the drum to the tubes, away from the abdomen plate improving rigidity and stability. Adjustable lock nut hooks create the perfect stability between the drum and the player. Can be adjusted to fit any make and size of bass drum. Monoposto bracket provides ultimate playing positions, regardless of the size of drum or player.

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