Bespoke Tree of Life Day Sporran - Brown

Day Sporran

  • N°: 186326208615
  • EAN: SP 102
€ 112,00 (VAT incl.)

A full brown leather day sporran with laser embossed Celtic Tree of Life design. The Tree of Life, or Crann Bethadh, is said to be a an ancient symbol, representing the balance of nature and the links between the living world and the other world (in the branches and the roots). It appeared in the Atlantic Archipelago of Britain and Ireland in the Bronze age, although the design depicted here relates to the later Celtic period, using their rich interlace. For the Celtic cultures, the tree represented food and shelter to all forms of life and the interconnectedness of all things.

Made in our workshop in Glasgow, Scotland, by our dedicated craftsmen, using the finest materials. This sporran can be worn with a day highland outfit or with a pipe band uniform.

Color: Brown

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