Kambarkan Folk Ensemble - The Music of Kyrgyzstan (CD)

Kambarkan Folk Ensemble - The Music of Kyrgyzstan


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  • EAN: EUCD 1689
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This special edition album presents a cross-section of the beautiful and enchanting traditional music of Kyrgyzstan played on their ancient instruments, such as comuz (‘lute’), sybyzgy (flute), chopo cho’or (‘okarina’), temir comuz (jews harp) and many more, all pictured and described extensively in the 72-page companion booklet, together with descriptions and lyrics of the songs translated into English.


  1. Izdep jurom (Looking for You)
  2. Koychulardyn kongur kuu (Shepherd's Melody)
  3. Tang bulbulu (The Morning Lark)
  4. Paravoz (Train)
  5. Bozoygho (To the Shepherd)
  6. Chopo cho'or (Small clay flute)
  7. Mash botoy (Horse Race)
  8. Jolughabuz az kundo (We will meet soon)
  9. Sybyzgy (Traverse flute)
  10. Kosh kayruk
  11. Kambarkan
  12. Jygach ooz comuz
  13. Saghunganda (When I Miss You)
  14. Kichine chogoyno cho'or (Small wooden flute)
  15. Boz solkyn (Early Morning)
  16. Solo chogoyno cho'or
  17. Ozung bil (But I know You are Free)
  18. Sash tilek (Youth) 19. Alum sabak (Wisdom)
  19. . Men ashyk (I am in Love)
  20. Erke sary (Capricious Sister)
  21. Appak suyuu tartuulaym (I give my true love to you)
  22. Kenesh (Advice)
  23. Kuz kuyal (Girl's Character)
  24. Sene oilosom (When I think of you)