Various - African Playground (CD)

Various - African Playground


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African Playground is filled with great songs by artists from Senegal to South Africa, including a previously unreleased track by world music superstar Angelique Kidjo. Children and their families will love the upbeat rhythms and appealing melodies on this musical tour


  1. Angelique Kidjo Jambo Bwana
  2. Them Mushrooms Mbube
  3. Mahotella Queens Sing Lo-Lo
  4. Mose fan Fan
  5. Vieux Diop Kalimba
  6. Dr. Victor Hendry
  7. Tarika Sammy Munomuno
  8. Samite Laba Laba
  9. Seleshe Damassae
  10. Bakhiti Kumalo
  11. Babá Ken Okulolo Barco Di Papel
  12. Tété Alhinho Langa Mo
  13. Aura Msimang