Hullachan Boys Reel - Polite - Children

Hullachan Boys Reel - Polite - Children

  • N°: 6329606554f12f
  • EAN: HBR 1
  • Category: Boys Reel
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  • Available sizes: 10 (28), 10.5 (28), 11 (29), 11.5 (30), 12 (30.5), 12.5 (31), 13 (32), 13.5(32,5), 1 (33), 1.5 (33.5), 2 (34), 2.5 (35), 3 (36), 3.5 (36.5), 4 (37), 4.5 (37.5), 5 (38), 5.5 (39)
€ 83,01 (VAT incl.)

This is the latest boys reel shoe from Hullachan, the Hullachan ProLite. The designers have updated the look so it has the appearance of a Capezio Boys reel but with all the performance of a Hullachan!

They have added some additional arch stitching so you get a great shape around the arch which also removes the arch bagging some dancers experience with their Capezio reel shoes.

Summary of New Features

  • A shorter toe profile so their appearance is in line with a Capezio Boys Reel shoe.
  • More flexible and responsive leather uppers
  • Arch stitch seams to enhance your arch profile and to remove arch bagging
  • Concorde Lite PLUS Heels so really light but with larger bubbles on the inside of the heel for easier heel clicks

Plus the Features You Loved From The Previous Design

  • Clever Insoles which are dual layer providing shock absorbency and great comfort levels
  • Reinforced heel area to improve stability while dancing and protection against missed heel clicks
  • Heels which generate the same sound levels as our Concorde Lite heels but now with increased bubble!
  • A black suede sole for improved responsiveness, a stronger point and increased sole flexibility
  • Camberelle lining which helps wick away moisture from the foot