Ross Blowpipe Valve

Ross Blowpipe Valve

  • N°: 221278595107
  • EAN: RS 125
€ 25,00 (VAT incl.)

The Ross Blowpipe Valve is a very quiet, reliable, and effective blowpipe valve.

It is extremely easy to install using the supplied tool, which can also be used to extract the valve for cleaning.

This valve inserts into the blowpipe stock with the supplied tool. Installation should take less than a minute.

No longer a need for flapper valves, macvalves, or valves elsewhere in the blowpipe setup. An added bonus is that the bore through the valve is bigger than most blowpipe bores, so there is no added air restriction.

When installed it also doubles up as a watertrap. Take the blowpipe out from time to time and tip out the collected condensate.