Adjustable Blowpipe Stock - Ivory Ferrule

Adjustable Blowpipe Stock

  • N°: 221000072380
  • EAN: KM 210573a
€ 89,00 (VAT incl.)

The Adjustable Blowpipe Stock allows you to adjust the angle of your Blowpipe so that your pipes will feel more comfortable.

The ball joint adjusment gives lots of positioning options, and once you find the best angle for you, you can twist the knob to keep it there. At any angle, there remains good airflow through the stock. The Poly stock replaces your current blowstick stock, so it must be installed in your pipe bag..

This will allow you to have the comfort of a perfect angle on your blowpipe, without having to switch your actual blowpipe.

Ivory ferrule

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