Ted Sannella - Calling Traditional New England Squares (Book/CD)

Calling Traditional New England Squares, book/CD

Book & CD

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A CDSS Publication

Ted Sannella was one of the masters of the art of calling traditional squares. This dance booklet will help callers learn more about them, especially the improvisation of breaks. The CD of Ted's calls has 14 different squares (chosen for the variety of their breaks).
2005 50 pages

CD Track listing:

  1. Swing two Ladies
  2. Circle to the middle
  3. Follow the Leader
  4. Pass Through and Do-Si-Do
  5. Pioneer Polka Quadrille
  6. Roger's Grand Chain
  7. Virginia Reel Square
  8. Labor Day Quadrille
  9. Pull the Gents
  10. The Perfect Match
  11. Reel Your Partner
  12. Merry Mix-Up
  13. Merry-Go-Round (1)
  14. Merry-Go-Round (2)