Contrapodia - Smitten


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  • EAN: CT 1203
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Here are four talented musicians from the Great Plains. Both Minnesota and Iowa claim them. Very creative and fun Contra music. Pat O'Loughlin, John Goodin, Patrice Pakiz, Erik Sessions.


  1. Loaves and Fishes, Too Many Goats, 4th and Walnut
  2. Puddle Jumper, Snow Day, Offshoot
  3. Bighorn River Sunset
  4. Aly On the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys
  5. Ladybug Lightning
  6. Mason's Apron, Maggie in the Snow, Julia Delaney
  7. Lucy's Stroll, Box Elder Stomp
  8. Smitten
  9. Surprise, Stumpy, Bunch of Stuff
  10. Manistique, What You got There, Scandy Twist
  11. Lost Summer