Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra (CD)

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra


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  • EAN: CD FW8
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The name Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra goes back to 1966. Their music and Dudley Laufman's calling led to the rekindling of the contra music and dance that thrives today. In 1972 they made the first-ever long playing album of New England contra and square dance music. Now, in 2001 we have Canterbury Orchestra on CD. Their sound tells us why the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra became so enormously popular in the late 60's and early 70's. The music is up-beat, earthy, engaging, and above all - happy. Allan Block - fiddle Fred Breunig -fiddle Art Bryan - guitar Pete Colby banjo, autoharp Larry DeLorier - flute, piccolo, pennywhistle Charlene Fagelman Morse - flute Dave Fuller - accordion Nicholas S. Howe -fiddler Dudley Laufman - fiddle, accordion, harmonica Ted Levin - fiddle Bob McQuillen - piano, accordion Vince O'Donnell - fiddle, electric guitar Jack Perron - fiddle Jack Sloanaker - string bass, piano Dick VanKleeck -french horn Jerry Weene - fiddle, mandolin, viola, banjo.


  1. Earl of Mansfield
  2. Chorus Jig
  3. Coleraine
  4. Mistwold
  5. Starr Label Reel, Ned Kendall
  6. Maguinnis's Delight
  7. Prince William II
  8. Scotch Hornpipe
  9. Glenn Towle
  10. Reel de Jeunne Marie
  11. Madame Bonaparte
  12. Farewell to Whiskey, Money Musk
  13. Prince William
  14. Brisk Young Lads, 2 & 6 Penny Girl
  15. Petronella
  16. Irish American Reel
  17. La Gondeuse
  18. Poor Auld Woman
  19. Huntsmen's Chorus
  20. Petronella with calls
  21. Meeting of the Waters