Anadama - Way Back When (CD)

Anadama - Way Back When


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  • EAN: AN 001
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The fantastic debut album from Anadama, a Boston-based contra dance band and the product of “that one time at folk-dance camp.” Amelia Mason (fiddle), Emily Troll (accordion), and Bethany Waickman (guitar) first made music together in the wild woods of Plymouth, Massachusetts while working at Pinewoods Camp in 2007. After many blissful summer afternoons spent jamming under the trees, the trio decided to take it on the road, and have since been touring the US and Canada, bound by a shared love of cheese, beer, and country radio.

Anadama finds its roots in the traditional music of New England, Ireland, and Quebec. Held aloft by the dark pulse of Bethany’s open-tuned guitar, the trio has no need for a bass or drums. They infuse old and new tunes alike with a distinctly modern kick, fiddle and accordion woven together in tight, driving harmony. It is dynamic, earthy music, all—from sweetly rolling jigs to breathless, freewheeling reels—played with vigor and honesty, and dance at its heart.

Track listing:

  1. Washington Street/Par Lo Lop/Washington Street
  2. Da Lounge Bar
  3. Flying Home to Shelley/Exile of Erin
  4. Ralph's Watch
  5. The Cuckoo's Nest/Reel de Vaudreuil
  6. The Coalminer/Salvation
  7. Le Canal en Octobre/En Flanders
  8. McGoldrick's Jig/The Fading Light/The High Part of the Road
  9. The Dream Waltz 10. Master of the Dance/Kennedys' Reel/Moneymust