Ianto Thornber - The Djembe Guide (Book & CD)

Djembe Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Groups

Book & CD

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The Djembe Guide is a resource book for anyone involved with the djembe, from novice players to the leaders and members of intermediate level groups.The Djembe Guide assumes no prior knowledge of the djembe, or of music, but guides the reader carefully on a deliberate course of learning, from the first steps and simple exercises, through easy patterns for small groups, and on to playing genuine West African multi-part rhythms in a drumming ensemble. Rhythms and exercises are presented in a clear, easy to understand system, developed specifically for this book, combining elements of oral tradition and simple tableture, so you don't have to read musical score. It includes chapters on the background to this fascinating drum, and it's recent rise to popularity outside the homelands of West Africa, and gives advice on finding, tuning and maintaining a drum of your own. The Djembe Guide is the culmination of 5 trips to Africa and more than twelve years drumming experience by the author, in community groups, performance groups, in public classes, and in education. With it's enclosed CD, simple tabulature, and profuse illustrations, The Djembe Guide really works, to get you drumming, and is the next best thing to a personal tutor. PART (I) - BACKGROUND Chapter 1 What is a Djembe? Chapter 2 The Djembe in Africa Chapter 3 The Djembe leaves Africa PART (II) - BEGINNING TO DRUM Chapter 4 Playing positions and basic strokes for the djembe Chapter 5 Simple practice rhythms for your djembe Chapter 6 Playing the djundjun and accompanying instruments PART (III) - GROUP DRUMMING Chapter 7 Easy multi-part rhythms for beginners' groups Chapter 8 Twelve West African rhythms for intermediate groups Chapter 9 How to progress to solo playing and improvisation PART (IV) - FINDING AND MAINTAINING A DRUM Chapter 10 How to choose an African djembe Chapter 11 How to tune an African djembe Chapter 12 How to take care of your djembe APPENDICES Appendix (I) Sources of exercises and rhythms Appendix (II) Further study material and resources Appendix (III) List of recordings


Djembe Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Groups